Blue Auth

Serverless passwordless authentication.
No databases needed.
Use in just 1 line in serverless, middleware, express, next.js, and more.


  • Get secure user authentication with just 1 line of code and a single configuration object. Done in minutes.
  • No third parties at all. Just you and your users. Complete control and security of your data.
  • No sensitive information to store, and no passwords to manage.
  • Stateless. No databases or connections required.
  • Run in express, next.js, aws lambda, or anywhere. More pre-built adapters coming soon.
  • Secure by default. Restrictive cookie policy, small surface area, and more.
  • Coded in typescript, complete with exposed type definitions and inline IDE documentation
  • Under 1k lines of code
  • Batteries included. Just add your desired settings, and BlueAuth handles everything else.